“I think people spend their lives trying to figure out if [Amy Poehler]’s the toughest adorable person they’ve ever seen or the most adorable tough person they’ve ever seen.” - Seth Meyers

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get to know me meme: [5/8] relationships  april ludgate & andy dwyer
I guess I kind of hate most things. But I never really seem to hate you. So I want to spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?

favourite footballers (1/∞): Aaron Ramsey.

"I will not rule out a return to Juventus. During my life I have never closed the door to anything or anyone, let alone if those doors are to a possible return to Turin. When I left I felt dazed. I had a love affair with Juventus and will have one forever.”

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Favourite Footballers:

└ 01/?? → Alessandro Del Piero

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Jamie + One For The Road

I want you to be honest with me, absolutely and completely honest.
Have you been time traveling?

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who cares about alex’s hips look at jamie go

And it will take this life of regret for my heart to learn to forget.

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Chandler Bing, you smooth son of a bitch.